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Kenneth Gamble

Kenneth A. Gamble

With 20 years of experience in most major areas of societal conflict, Mr. Gamble provides a full range of conflict management and dispute resolution services for his clientele. He has successfully handled more than 1,000 arbitration, mediation, facilitation, and investigation cases since 1990.
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Areas of Practice Divorce Mediation, Workplace Mediation, First Nation Mediation. More areas of practice...

Clients Consumers, Divorcing Couples, Unions, Aboriginal Corporations, Small Businesses. More clients...


Disputes settled in court often take many months or years and considerable expense. Through private dispute resolution, they can be settled in weeks.


Disputes taken to court are settled by judges who are experts in law, but may not have expertise in your field. With private dispute resolution, you can choose an arbitrator with experience and skill in your area of dispute.


Courts are public, and information about your personal and business affairs becomes public knowledge. With private dispute resolution, your affairs remain personal and private.


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