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Organizations engage an independent investigator to conduct neutral fact finding and workplace assessments; investigate sexual and personal harassment, discrimination, policy or program grievances and report on the nature of misbehaviours and interpersonal dynamics in the workplace. A narrative report including detailed findings and recommendations is typically provided.


Disputing parties engage a mediator to intervene as an independent third party to assist in reaching a mutually acceptable settlement. If no agreement is reached following the termination of mediation, parties may pursue other options. When you appoint a Chartered Mediator as your mediator you obtain an expert who may provide assistance in jointly preparing a draft agreement for review by your respective lawyers.


Groups engage a neutral or third party facilitator with specialized skill in dispute resolution to assist in managing group interaction so focus is maintained and objectives can be met. Using a trained ADR Workplace Facilitator reduces conflict, restores peace and harmony to the workplace, and leads to improved productivity. Facilitation is suited to all groups sizes where negotiated outcomes, policy development, strategic planning or workplace issues are a high priority.


When two or more disputing parties engage an arbitrator, they agree in advance to be bound by the arbitrator's decision. When you appoint a Chartered Arbitrator as your arbitrator, you obtain an expert in a closed and private court. An arbitrated and binding decision is based on evidence, including testimony provided by all parties at a hearing convened by the arbitrator.

ADR Systems Design

Organizations engage an ADR Systems Design expert to review existing internal and external dispute resolution programs, policies and mechanisms with a view to improving, enhancing and introducing integrated ADR systems into their organization or business model. ADR Systems Design experts bring value to organizations. They are process experts in investigation, mediation, facilitation and arbitration, and bring with them a global perspective acquired through years of actual experience working regionally and nationally with small, medium and large scale organizations. ADR Systems Design experts can save your organization thousands of dollars in research and development because they know the strengths and weakness of various ADR systems. In the end they work with your organization to develop what will be right for you.

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